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 Becoming A New Patient  

We want your journey with us to be a comfortable one.  To that end, please understand that the care we provide is different from what you may have experienced elsewhere.  We address the causes of your illness, rather than just the symptoms. We work with you collaboratively as a team to help you achieve wellness.


To aid your understanding, we encourage you to fully explore the educational information we have created for you.


Follow these steps:


  1. Go to the "Learn" section and read about Functional Medicine, Dr. Bernhoft's various papers, and more.

  2. Read our New Patient Checklist and follow its guidelines.

  3. After you have reviewed all of the above, please contact our office to make an appointment.
    By phone, (805) 640-0180; by email,


  4. Access the New Patient Forms by clicking the "New Patient Forms" button.  Make sure to also fill out the Consent Forms as well, by clicking the "Consent Forms" button.

  5. Print all of the forms out, fill them out and bring them with you to your appointment.

  6. Visit our Contact Us section to learn how to find both of our locations.


PLEASE NOTE: Because of the high demand on Dr. Bernhoft's patient schedule and in fairness to others who are trying to schedule appointments, new patients are given 72 hours to cancel their initial visit.  If they do not cancel their appointment before this deadline, they will be charged for the full cost of their appointment. As a courtesy, an automated reminder will either be emailed, called or texted to the contact number given when the appointment is made, but utlimately it is the patient's responsibilty to remember appointment dates and times.  


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