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There are not enough “thank you's” in the universe to express how much my husband and I have appreciated Dr. Bernhoft’s care over the years. He always explains things thoroughly and in English rather than “Dr. Speak”. He never makes me feel like I am out of my mind, rather respects that I understand what I’m experiencing even if I don’t comprehend the cause of my symptoms.

            His manner is always kind, thoughtful, and sincere—Believe me, I have been to too many doctors whose egos get in the way of their doing what is best for their patients. I have appreciated his honesty when a certain procedure doesn’t work for me. He tells me to stop using the product or having the procedure rather than having me spend more time and money. My husband loves that!

            It is always a delight to call the office—I enjoy the cheerfulness of Hilary—so thrilled she’s back! Also, his office has joy—patients sharing ideas with each other in the lobby.

            I am so thankful to Dr. Bernhoft for blessing my life because I have much more good days even while I live with chronic pain.

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