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Detoxification Methods

Chelation is a technique which has also been around a long time;  it is very effective in pulling heavy metals out of the body, and very safe when done according to the protocols established by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology.

Infrared Sauna is a traditional technique with a recent modern medical literature;  it appears to be very effective in mobilizing fat soluble chemicals and metals from subcutaneous fat.  Volatile organic chemicals which move from fat to sweat exit via that route;  those that get into the blood stream exit via the lungs.  I'm a news story. I'm a great place for you to let your users know what's new with your company. You can choose what news stories appear on your page. Double click me to change me and your own content. To customize me and change my font click on the Design tab in the property panel.

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners extremely recommends acupuncture as a way to cleanse your body. It is believed that the more toxins, the stronger the effects of acupuncture will be felt. So even if there is pain involved in acupuncture, it can still cure or heal your problems in an instant instead of suffering from a longer pain for the rest of your life.Add News Story here

Ondamed & FSM are biofeedback machines which we are using under a variety of situations.

It is often helpful to provide IV support including vitamins, minerals and glutathione.  


LDA has proven very helpful in treating allergies which interfere with life, proper nutrition, or detoxification;  we use the British approach to allergy which has been safe and successful for over 40 years.  


Especially helpful with addiction cravings, the treatment utilizes a megadose of NAD [Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a co-enzyme of niacin that is the key fuel for energy production in every cell of the body] in an IV form, and it’s clinically proven with a 90% no-craving statistic.  

Therapeutic Massage

Massage has proven very effective in mobilizing chemicals deposited in muscles;  this is particularly useful in fibromyalgia, but also has potential value in other toxic conditions.  It is also useful in improving lymphatic circulation, sometimes in conjunction with the Noblerex K1 exercise machine.

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