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Lyme Disease: 


I have not been treating Lyme Disease until now, for several reasons. Before I go there, however, this is about to change.  It appears that Chronic Lyme is an autoimmune phenomenon, and a doctor friend of mine in Alaska has been using LDA with 100% success so far, so I am now offering LDA to Lyme patients.

Chronic Lyme Disease is a controversial problem.  It is difficult to diagnose, due to the tendency of the bacteria to hide within cells, out of view of the immune system.  It is difficult to treat, for the same reason. It is politically controversial, possibly due to the number of people infected, and the reluctance of the insurance industry to take financial responsibility.   The existence of Chronic Lyme Disease is hotly debated in infectious disease circles for all these reasons.  (And if it turns out to be an immune condition and not an infection as per the first paragraph, then so be it.)


We have less Lyme here in Southern California than most places in the US due to our various insect vectors not being (apparently) as efficient at spreading Lyme as is the case in the East and Northwest (including Northern California).


I generally do not treat Lyme Disease, in part because there are several area doctors with a special interest in this area, and in part because I until now have had nothing novel to offer beyond the usual antibiotics, which many of my patients are unwilling to take.   LDA changes all that.  

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