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Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (retired) 

Fellow of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine 

Diplomate, American Board of Environmental Medicine

Past President, American Academy of Environmental Medicine 

Member, Institute for Functional Medicine 

Member, American College for Advancement in Medicine 

Member, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 


  • A.B Harvard University (cum laude)

  • M.D. Washington University St Louis

  • General Surgery Residency, UCSF

  • Hepatobiliary Surgery Fellowship, London England

  • American Board of Surgery

  • Diplomate, American Board of Environmental Medicine

  • Author 28 peer reviewed medical articles

  • Chief Medical Officer, Biotalk, Inc, Dallas, TX


Dr. Bernhoft is one of the nation’s leading practitioners in the field of environmental medicine. He comes to his expertise not only through extensive academic and professional training and decades as a practicing physician and surgeon, but also from the uniquely motivating perspective of having been a patient himself who had to fight desperately for his life and was literally forced to find a way to heal himself from an illness that left his MD colleagues at a loss for diagnosis and treatment.  He had severe respiratory and GI symptoms, numerous allergies, sensitivities to perfumes, car exhaust and other common odors, lost 35 pounds in four months and had to abruptly walk away from his several-years-long, busy practice as a pancreatic surgeon.  Dr. Bernhoft’s search for underlying causes of his debilitating illness led him to study environmental medicine.


His personal quest for survival carried him into cutting-edge advanced medicine, including gene-environment interactions. He found out that his gene which codes for an enzyme called MTHFR was hypoactive, and a second, which produces GSTM1 was absent, leaving him susceptible to poisoning by a wide range of metals and chemicals. Since the Genome Project has identified abnormalities of this sort, biochemists have found ways to improve performance of substandard enzymes like MTHFR and increase the amount of enzymes backing up GSTM1, allowing improved function. With this new information, he was able to begin clearing the metals, chemicals and surgical disinfectants which had poisoned him, and regain his health.


Having regained his energy and photographic memory and shed his allergy and chemical sensitivity issues, Dr. Bernhoft began seeking proven medical innovations from around the world. He retrained in Environmental Medicine between 2002-2006, passed his boards in that specialty, and began applying his new knowledge to a uniquely successful approach to chronic diseases. Once functionally disabled, he is now able to run 15-20 miles per week, and is three belts short of black belt in Shito Ryu karate. He has his life back.


Because of his unique personal experience, combined with his outstanding professional credentials, he is one of the most effective spokespeople in the cause of environmental healing.  

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 Meet Robin A. Bernhoft  

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