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NAD Therapy


A Breakthrough Treatment for Addiction, Depression, PTSD, Stress and Chronic Fatigue


We utilize NAD Infusion Therapy and oral amino acids to eliminate cravings, minimize withdrawal and restore wellbeing. We support the rapid cleansing from addictive substances with minimal discomfort and the restoring of healthy brain function for a more energetic, happier, craving free life.   


• Rapidly detox from addictions without the agony of intense withdrawal
• Eliminate or minimizes incessant cravings – the primary cause of relapse
• Restore personal energy, clarity and a sense of wellbeing
• Replenish your brain to improve cognitive function
• Reverse the damage that chronic or acute stress has done to your brain
• Rediscover your inner calm and natural happiness
• Set the stage for long-term recovery




Proven Fast, Safe & Effective at “Accelerating the Detox Process” Restoring Serenity and Hope to Recovering Addicts & Alcoholics A Critical Milestone in the Advancement of Drug and Alcohol Treatment. 

This is a detoxification and replenishing treatment that utilizes an  infusion of a natural co-enzyme of Vitamin B3 (NAD) and other nutrients to minimize withdrawals, reduce or eliminate cravings and restore clarity and wellbeing.  Research in the 1960s demonstrated it’s compounding effectiveness in detoxifying patients from alcohol, opiates, pain pills, tranquilizers, and stimulants.  This outpatient treatment offers a jumpstart to recovery and a first step in long term recovery from addiction.


How Does it Work?

Our nursing staff administers NAD slowly, over 8 or more hours at first, to minimize discomfort.  Typically, treatment requires all-day infusions for one to two weeks in a row, Monday through Thursday, depending on the issue being addressed. Treatment is outpatient only - patients do not stay overnight.  

Our medical staff administers the all-natural nutrient IV infusion in an individually formulated dosage based upon the patient’s medical history. The protocol for addiction treatment is typically eight to ten days, but may run longer for certain drug or combined drug addictions. The protocol for PTSD and other depression or anxiety disorders is generally only four days. Treatment is provided on an outpatient basis—meaning patients do not stay overnight.



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