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Nutritional Supplemental Therapy


Nutritional Therapy


Maximize your comprehensive wellness visit by making an appointment with Dr. Bernhoft, who will customize a personal detailed nutrition and supplementation plan based on the results of your individualized diagnostic tests. Using nutrition intervention, he can help you discover natural solutions to many conditions.


Optimal nutrition may assist in healing and recovery of the following health concerns (to name only a few):


  • Unhealthy weight gain and/or sudden weight loss

  • Slow metabolism

  • Diabetes and insulin resistance

  • High cholesterol, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular concerns

  • Painful joint disorders including arthritic conditions

  • Fatigue and mood imbalances

  • Digestive disorders

  • Impaired memory and concentration

  • Immune system disorders

  • Decreased libido and sexual health

  • Osteoporosis/osteopenia

  • Food allergies and Irritable bowel syndrome


Nutritional Supplements


Why do I need a professional grade of vitamin to obtain optimum health?


Research has shown that most over the counter supplements either do not contain what they claim, or what they contain is not biologically active.  We have chosen supplements with proven value.  Some of them may be somewhat expensive, but we know from experience that they work.  You will not find effective alternatives at health food stores, so we encourage you to use our suggested supplements.   Your health is worth the expense.    


High-quality multivitamin and mineral supplements are the foundation of your recovery. The supplements I will recommend are based on your issues and on your genomic testing.  Stay with them and feel the benefit.



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