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Exciting New Treatment For Lyme Patients!

Chronic Lyme disease has long been a very frustrating and controversial problem for doctors and patients alike. Long term antibiotics don’t work very well. Now thanks to Dr Ty Vincent of our American Academy of Environmental Medicine, it seems that real hope for cure exists. Dr Vincent has developed a protocol treating Lyme as an autoimmune problem, with 30 positive responses in 30 patients. He has shared his protocol with us, so we are now treating Chronic Lyme as an autoimmune phenomenon, using his LDA protocol. (LDA is the British approach to allergy and autoimmunity which has 80+% success for foods, pollens, molds and various types of autoimmunity, with no deaths or serious reactions since they started using it in 1973). Dr. Vincent has presented this LDI treatment at American Academy of Environmental Medicine Conferences and made his research and treatments available to AAEM doctors. For more information, call our office.


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